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Music arrangement services

I have been arranging music for many years - you can see some of my work on this website.


I have been commissioned by various parties to arrange music based on their need. For example, the local high school musical performance group wanted to perform several songs from the 60's, but couldn't find adequate arrangements. So they hired me to arrange three songs, and seemed to be very pleased with the results.


My specialties are piano arrangements, and any combination of vocal arrangements, including duet parts, trios, four-part harmony, etc. I can deliver arrangements that sound like the original, or I also enjoy playing around with harmonies, chord structures, adding key changes, etc., to deliver a fresh take on an old favorite.


You can contact me at stekiman@gmail.com for more details and rates.

Lazy Day SATB sample
This is a sample of an SATB arrangement I did of "Lazy Day" for our local high school - I did this by listening to the original recording and writing down the parts.
Adobe Acrobat document [34.1 KB]
Beach Baby TTBB sample
This is a sample of a TTBB arrangement I did of "Beach Baby" for the same high school music group.
Adobe Acrobat document [49.1 KB]


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